Ammonium hydrogen fluoride

Ammonium hydrogen fluoride,NH4HF2,CAS No: 1341-49-7


Ammonium hydrogen fluoride,NH4HF2,CAS No: 1341-49-7

Ammonium hydrogen fluoride

CAS No: 1341-49-7

Molecular formulaNH4HF2


UN No:UN1727 8/PG 2

Ammonium hydrogen fluoride is a kind of corrosive chemical substance, which decomposes toxic fluoride, nitrogen oxide and ammonia gas in the presence of moisture and water. Soluble in water is weak acid, can dissolve glass, slightly soluble in alcohol, very soluble in cold water, aqueous solution has strong acidity, can sublimate at higher temperature, can corrode glass, corrosive to skin, toxic.

Physical Description                       White Flakes

Melting Point                                 259ºF

Bulk Density, Loose                      43.7 lb/ft3

Solubility in H2O @ 20ºC             630 g/l



NH4HF2, %                               95.0 min                           96.0%

NH4F, %                                   5.0 max                            4.0%

F, %                                          65.0 min                          > 65.0%

Fe, ppm                                   10 max

SO4, ppm                                100 max

SiO2, ppm                               100 max

Cl, ppm                                    30 max

AS, ppm                                  10 max

Pb, ppm                                  5 max

Ni, ppm                                  10 max

Cu, ppm                                 30 max

Sb, ppm                                10 max

H2O, ppm                             1000 max