What is EDI
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What is EDI (electrodeionization)

What is EDI?

EDI (electrodeionization) is also known as continuous electric desalting technology.

It integrates electrodialysis technology and ion exchange technology scientifically. Through the selective permeating effect of cation and anion membrane and ion exchange resin on ion in water, the directional migration of ions in water is realized under the action of electric field, so as to achieve the deep purification and desalination of water The hydrogen ion and hydroxyl ion produced by water electrolysis can continuously regenerate the filling resin. Therefore, EDI water making process can continuously produce high-quality ultra pure water without acid and alkali chemical regeneration. It has the advantages of advanced technology, compact structure and simple operation, which can be widely used in the fields of power, electronics, medicine, chemical industry, food and laboratory, and is a green leather of water treatment technology Life. The effluent quality has the best stability.