Facing covid-19 virus,what is Demih industry doing?
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In 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic spread worldwide, and the epidemic prevention materials in various countries were seriously short. In the face of this disaster, what is Demih industry doing to give full play to its advantages in the industry?


1. In front of the epidemic, Demih industrial export business has little impact. In order to ensure the safety and interests of customers, Demih industry started to re-examine the Demih system, and eliminated suppliers that did not meet the epidemic prevention conditions. To ensure that the export goods meet the requirements of the customs and the standards of the importing countries.


2. Communicate with upstream suppliers in an urgent manner, especially confirm and compare the packaging standards to meet the standards of Demih system, and re confirm the styles and designs of several plastic buckets and cartons.


3. In view of the shortage of anti epidemic materials, especially masks and disinfectants in various countries, Demih industrial team made rapid response, keenly caught the market pain point, carefully understood the export policies of relevant products, and made product adjustment. At present, the business volume of exporting such products has achieved good results.


4. At the same time, as a well-known enterprise in Hg community, in order to ensure the healthy and harmonious development of the community, we also actively sent professional personnel to assist the community work and contributed our own strength. Demih industry arranges personnel to measure the temperature of the personnel entering and leaving the community, supervise the wearing of masks, and publicize the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control.


In front of the epidemic, the concept of global village is more prominent. Demih industry hopes that the epidemic will end as soon as possible and everyone will be safe and healthy.