Requirements and schemes for bearings of woodworking machines
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Characteristics of woodworking machinery bearings

High speed
When the bearing of the stretching roller of the sander is polished, the rotating speed can reach 2800r / min;

Long life required

The bearing is required to operate without fault for a long time;

Intermittent alternating load
When polishing wood, because of the unevenness of wood, the bearing needs to bear intermittent alternating load.

High environmental pollution
In the process of wood processing, a lot of dust and sawdust will be produced, and the working environment of bearing is very bad

Solutions for woodworking machinery

Based on the field experience and survey feedback of woodworking machinery, demih bearing has a series of targeted solutions. And develop special bearings for woodworking machinery.

Bearing material
Adopting domestic high-purity bearing steel, the stability of bearing is improved, and the service life of bearing can be prolonged by more than 30%;

Suitable grease
Using high quality motor grease and lubrication technology, the bearing life and reliability are effectively improved;

Improved sealing structure
According to the working condition of woodworking machinery, a special sealing ring for woodworking bearing is developed, which has the characteristics of light torque, high dust-proof and no looseness, and has obtained patent rights; the dust-proof performance of the special sealing ring is improved by 45% when it is tested under the same conditions as the bearing of the same specification.

Optimum design of bearing raceway
The optimized adjustment of bearing raceway parameters and special processing technology can reduce the friction coefficient of raceway, improve the reasonable distribution of lubricating oil in the working process, and make it still maintain effective lubrication and low noise level at high speed
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