Fan bearing features
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Fan bearing features

Commercial fans are widely used, but the operating conditions are poor

High speed
Bearings require a higher speed of 3600 rpm.

Low noise and long life required
Noise affects human health, leading to customer complaints, requiring the bearing to operate under low noise for a long time.

Continuous operation
The fan is often in continuous operation, so the spherical bearing is required to be in the best rotating state at all times.

High reliability requirements
As the core component of the fan, the bearing is installed in every position of the building, so the maintenance cost is high.

Dusty operation environment
The operation environment of the fan is dusty; the exposed bearing is easy to be attacked by dust.

Location limitations, difficult to re lubricate
It is required to select correct grease and proper amount of grease pre filling.

Low temperature rise of bearing
Due to long-term operation, low temperature rise is required, otherwise the bearing will fail prematurely.
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