Characteristics and application scope of deep groove ball bearing
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The most representative rolling bearing, widely used

Can bear radial load and bidirectional axial load

It is suitable for high-speed rotation and occasions requiring low noise and vibration

The sealed bearing with steel dust cover or rubber sealing ring is pre filled with appropriate amount of grease

The bearing with a stop ring or flange on the outer ring is easy to locate axially and easy to install in the housing

The size of the maximum load bearing is the same as that of the standard bearing, but there is a filling groove in the inner and outer rings, which increases the number of balls and the rated load.

Main applicable cage: steel plate stamping cage (waveform, crown shape Single column; S-shaped Double row) copper alloy or phenolic resin cutting cage, synthetic resin forming cage

Main use: Automobile: rear wheel, transmission, electrical device parts

Electrical: General Motors, household appliances

Others: instruments, internal combustion engine, construction machinery, railway vehicles, handling machinery, agricultural machinery, various industrial machinery.