GE Betz chemical agent/supplier
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Demih water is a full agent of general bedi (ge-argo) water treatment in the United States, and its products
include scale inhibitor Hypersperse MDC756, MDC754, MDC708, MDC706, MDC704, MDC702, MDC200,
MDC220, MDC150, MDC151, MSI300, MSI410, flocculant MPT150 cleaning agent Kleen MCT103, Kleen
MCT511, Kleen MCT882, Biomate MBC781, BeztDearborn DCL95, BeztDearborn DCL30 reductants, etc.,
are superior in quality, complete in model, and are imported from China and America. Welcome to contact
us for consultation and purchase!

General GE Betz MDC220 scale inhibitor dispersing agent BetzDearborn MDC220 anti-scaling/dispersant
product features suitable for SoliSep MPT150 organic flocculant and drinking water in conformity certification
(ANSI)/NSF60 certification standards effective control of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, strontium sulfate
scale, up to + 3.0 LSI is from all the major reverse osmosis membrane fouling can be used by dispersed
particles blocking to maintain clean water reverse osmosis membrane surface PH values from 5 to 9 is still
within the effective range can be added directly or diluted use liquid product, Simple use of BetzDearborn
MDC220 can be used to control the film separation system scale deposition and reduce particle blockage.
This high-efficiency scale inhibitor/dispersant formula is specially designed when combined with BetzDearborn
MDC220 organic flocculant. It is particularly important to pay attention to whether the flocculant you are using is
compatible with scale inhibitor/dispersant, otherwise it will cause reverse osmosis membrane obstruction.
Product characteristics appearance clear dark amber liquid density 1.15 + / - 0.05 PH 2.5 + / - 0.5-15 ℃
freezing storage temperature - * * * 12 ℃ viscosity of 1.79 cp (25 ℃)

Directions for use

BetzDearbornMDC220 can be used directly or diluted, dilution degrees is relationship with the temperature,
the following table minimum temperature ℃ diluents concentration < 25% > 10% of 30-35 30 to 35 50% packing
BetzDearborn MDC220 are liquid and packaging is 25 kg and 220 kg buckets

A reference dosage is calculated by software, and then an appropriate dosage is determined according to specific water system conditions. Dilution: 4 times diluted into the standard solution, and then adjust the dosage. The standard solution shall not be diluted more than 10 times as much as the reverse osmosis water or desalted water. Appearance: clear amber liquid. The LANDOW1000 is liquid in 25 kg/BBL. LANDOW2000 is efficient anti-scaling/dispersing agent, liquid is used to control the membrane separation system in silicate, carbonate, sulfate and ferric oxide precipitation caused by the scale, the data showed that its control over the Si of up to 240 mg/L, can be applied to different water sources, the dispersion of LANDOW2000 polymer is dedicated to the prevention of Ba, Sr, and iron oxide deposition. This scale inhibitor/dispersant can extend the cleaning cycle of the system, prolong the membrane life and reduce the operating cost. LANDOW2000 has been widely used in reverse osmosis system.