Cooling water treatment system

We mainly study the circulating cooling water treatment system, which takes water as the medium and circulates it. It is mainly composed of cooling tower, cooling water tank and several components. It can be divided into open type and closed type.

Cooling Water Treatment Chemical

The circulating cooling water system is not only in operation, but also in operation. Chemicals are required to maintain the normal operation of the system. Circulating cooling water system generally has the risk of corrosion, scaling and bacterial growth.

Demih Industry could provide below products equivalent


Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor

General Corrosion Inhibitor & Chelant
Copper Corrosion Inhibitor 
Closed system cooling water treatment agent
Microbiological Control Agent

Spectrus OX 109

Spectrus OX 1201

Spectrus BD 1550

Spectrus OX 1203

Spectrus OX 1202

Spectrus NX 1102

Spectrus NX 1100

Spectrus NX 1101

Spectrus NX 1103

Spectrus NX 1104

Spectrus NX 1105

Spectrus NX 1107

Spectrus NX 104

Spectrus NX 102

Spectrus NX 1106

Spectrus NX 106

Spectrus NX 1171


NALCO 7330

Demih Cooling Water Treatment Services

Demih industry can test the water quality of the circulating cooling water inlet and operation water, and design the operation scheme according to the actual needs of the owner. Including the concentration multiple and dosing amount of the circulating cooling water system to meet the actual needs of the owner. Make the circulating cooling water system run safely and stably.