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Spherical active carbon

Spherical active carbon


Spherical active carbon

Spherical active carbon

Product specification

Spherical active carbon (SAC) has a body structure of at least one layer of spherical shell made of activated carbon material. The spherical shell is made of spherical inner nucleus, which can be made of inorganic materials different from the spherical shell material. The diameter of the spherical shell can reach 10 mm, and the wall thickness of the spherical shell is not less than 0.5 mm, preferably 1-1.5 mm.

Adaptive use

1. Solvent recovery

There are various kinds of organic solvents used in industry. When the excellent products come out, some organic solvents are discharged into the atmosphere to form pollution, which causes profound social problems. For this reason, a Japanese chemical engineering company has developed a solvent recovery unit using spherical activated carbon, and has established more than 400 units in the domestic and foreign electrical, chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical and other industries. Energy saving, no drainage solvent recovery and deodorization device, has been everyone's praise.

2. Gas treatment of filter, etc

Due to its high purity, low dust, globular, low pressure loss and super purification ability, spherical activated carbon has been used in the fields of adsorption materials, electronic devices and other gas treatment in the purification room of the semiconductor industry.

3. Water treatment

Activated carbon adsorption is a branch of water treatment. With the enhancement of water pollution and relevant management measures, the demand for activated carbon is also increasing. In the activated carbon adsorption treatment, the fluidized bed method shows excellent decontamination efficiency. In the fluidized bed method, the water purification plant using spherical activated carbon as adsorbent has played a role of more than 10 years. In addition, due to its high purity, low dust and wear resistance, spherical activated carbon is also used in pure water manufacturing and drainage treatment devices.

4. Other applications

Adsorption materials for refined chemicals

Adsorption materials for catalyst support

Trapping materials for gas analysis

Filling materials for gas chromatography

Absorbent materials for sole

Materials for sterilization device, etc

Flue gas filter

Health products, gifts

5. Drugs