Boiler water treatment

Water inlet treatment and chemical treatment in boiler

It is very important to do well in boiler water treatment and necessary chemical treatment in the boiler, and supervise the quality of water and steam strictly according to the standard requirements during operation, so as to ensure the quality of water and steam of the boiler and the safe and economic operation of the boiler.

Boiler Water Treatment Chemical

Boiler water treatment agent is mainly used to prevent boiler scaling or corrosion, and remove excess oxygen. In addition, there are chemicals such as furnace treatment and fuel treatment.

Demih Industry could provide below products equivalent


Oxygen Scavenger

CorTrol OS 7780

CorTrol OS 5300

CorTrol IS 3020

CorTrol IS 3000

Internal Treatment

Optisperse HP 2100

Optisperse HP 2650

Optisperse HP 5068

Optisperse HP 5406

Optisperse HP 3100

Optisperse HP 9420

Condensate Chemical

Steamate NA 0660

Steamate NA 0880

Steamate NA 2380

Steamate NA 0760

Steamate NA 2260

Steamate FM 1001

Fireside Deposit and Corrosion Inhibitor

FuelSolv FS 1144

Other Boiler Chemical

ADJ 0346

EP 9587

PB 2020