Household disinfection
Compound disinfectant, more efficient
Alcohol free,more safer
80ml,475ml,10kg,more convenient
Demih Industry also provide below Antibacterial products and OEM 
  • Foam free hand sanitizer
  • Foam bacteriostatic hand washing liquid
  • Quaternary ammonium salt disinfectant
  • Formaldehyde removal spray
  • Solvent based oil cleaner
  • Oxygen based fabric bactericide and bleaching agent
  • Natural air disinfectant
  • Concentrated sterilizing detergent
  • Concentrated anti bacteria finishing agent for clothes
  • Space antibacterial deodorant
  • Antibacterial deodorant for pets
  • Plant Shower Gel
  • Antibacterial laundry beads
  • Antibacterial cold soap
Industry bactericide