Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Membrane water treatment process

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a kind of membrane separation technology, which uses pressure difference as driving force to separate solvent from solution. The filtration accuracy is about 0.0001 μ M. It can be widely used in desalination of seawater and brackish water, preparation of pure water, wastewater treatment and other fields.
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RO Antiscalant

The reverse osmosis system agent is usually added before the safety filter, which can keep the membrane away from dirt and bacteria.

PermaTreat PC191
PermaTreat PC191T

Pre-Treatment Chemical

We think that pretreatment should be set before RO to ensure the quality of RO water.


Generally, MB and EDI are used to prepare ultra pure water.

In addition to ro agents, RO systems and components are also our business scope.

Demih RO Water Treatment Services

Loss of membrane performance can be attributed to several potential reasons such as biological fouling, iron and silt fouling, scaling, organic fouling and chemical or physical membrane degradation. When other tools and techniques fail to satisfactorily identify the problem or when confirmation of a particular root cause is needed, a membrane element autopsy can give an insight into the causes of the loss of membrane performance.  

The destructive standard procedures include tests ranging from visual inspections, microbiological examinations, scanning electron microscopy to oxidation testing, deposit weight density, and FTIR analysis.  

DEMIH Membrane Element Autopsy Labs are equipped to carry out a number of tests that can help identify the root causes of the loss of performance of particular membrane elements. Interpreting autopsy results in the light of a good understanding of the membrane plant system operating conditions can lead to corrective actions ensuring the restoration of the performance and life of the asset.