Technical Capability of Demih Water
Over the past decade, Demih Water has insisted on its foothold in the water treatment industry. Integrate the production and research resources of water treatment equipment and water treatment chemicals to serve various industries.

The company insists on scientific and technological innovation, cooperates with well-known institutes and experts at home and abroad, and devotes itself to the research and development and application of new water treatment technologies, new water treatment materials and water treatment agents. It takes evaporative crystallization, reverse osmosis, circulating water, desalination, reclaimed water reuse, boiler water treatment, oily wastewater, desulfurization wastewater and garbage osmosis as its core and is widely used in refining and chemical industry. Thermoelectricity, nuclear industry, chemical industry, light industry, oil field, paper making, cement, electroplating, municipal, printing and dyeing, food, beverage, medicine, drinking water and other industries; at the same time, in Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Japan, Europe, Russia, the United States and other countries set up offices to establish foreign sales and service channels.









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     About DemiH Water


    It is an integrated company providing water  

      treatment  equipment and water treatment 



     Technical Services

     Analysis of water quality, detection of  pharmaceutical 

     properties, on-line off-line cleaning, etc.

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