About Demih Industry
Demih Industry was founded in 2007 to provide customers with a variety of chemicals and mechanical equipment and accessories. The industry covers food processing, power, construction, mining, water treatment, etc. The main business includes chemical trade, bearing production, water treatment technology and products, auto parts trade, mechanical equipment and accessories export.

Our core competitiveness is to enable the company to survive the Demih system, the company headquarters to unify the control of product supply and quality assurance and after-sales service. Take the Demih system as the axis, constantly expand the development of peripheral products, in order to achieve the purpose of understanding the industry and professional products.
Current situation of Demih Technology
At present, after more than ten years of efforts, Demih industry has three self-supporting factories, which can independently produce bearings, water treatment chemicals and equipment, as well as some chemicals. The total area of the workshop is 23000 square meters, the annual cumulative production of chemicals is 120000 tons, and the output value of equipment is 5 million US dollars. As of June 2020, the average annual export volume of Demih industry is 8 million US dollars, accounting for more than 80% of the company's total turnover.
Our vision

At the beginning of its establishment, the company experienced many struggling stages, until it found its own positioning and formed its own Demi system. We hope that more can be done around the Demih system.


Demih Industries is willing to think about the future and get close to the future. Take the future as a guide and think about the direction of your work.


Optimize the existing products and services, specialization at the same time, for customers to customize products and services in line with the future.

Think about the future and extend the peripheral products and services in line with the future.


Perfect Demih system, holding professional factory.