About Demih Industry
Demih industry is a comprehensive R & D, production and trade company established in 2007. At present, it has basic chemical industry, new chemical materials, bearings, auto parts, electrical machinery and water treatment engineering and other sectors. It has provincial laboratories, staff training centers, comprehensive parks and other institutions.

This year, we have actively responded to the call of the state to transform the old and new driving forces, adjust the structure and change the way of development, and fully integrate resources. Continuously optimize the production capacity of our own factory, improve the production efficiency and product quality, at the same time, through self built testing laboratory and improve our own R & D capacity, strictly manage the outsourcing factory incorporated into the demih system, re correct the standards, and ensure that the product quality and price from the demih system are high. At present, the area of its own factory is more than 3 square kilometers, and there are more than 100 outsourcing factories. The laboratory has passed the provincial standard, forming a relatively complete demih system for industrial chemicals and accessories, and has been rated as an excellent innovation park.

Demih industry has successively won the honorary titles of "National May 1st Labor Award", "China chemical industry technology innovation demonstration enterprise", "top 20 chemical industry parks in China", "National Petroleum and chemical industry responsibility care best practice unit", "transformation and upgrading demonstration enterprise", "Shandong provincial governor Quality Award", "Green Park", etc

In the next few years, we will adhere to our tenet, continue to deepen the construction of industrial chain, give full play to the advantages of product innovation and system improvement, take the opportunity of new and old kinetic energy conversion, extend the industrial chain before and after, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, actively explore new areas of development, and strive to build world-class brands.
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