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Happy Dragon Boat Festival

Demih Industry May every friend in the world safety and healthy.happy dragon boat festival.may keep .

Facing covid-19 virus,what is DEMIH Industry doing?

In 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic spread worldwide, and the epidemic prevention. 

 The story of returning to work: the responsibility of the central enterprises 

​​Since March 2020, the epidemic has been gradually controlled. All subsidiaries of Demi industries are.

Leaders from the Provincial Department of industry  came to investigate 

On April 29, Wang Xiaochang, director of the Chemical Industry Department of the Provincial Departm.

Demih Industry holds the annual meeting of managers in 2020

On April 24, the group held a video conference of the annual meeting of managers in 2020.

A letter to all employees of Demih Industry

spring is back to earth, mountains and rivers are beautiful, and the sun is warm in the city of Vientiane. 

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